Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Physics Trivia.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

 May everyone live happily and stay healthy. This blog is going to be evaluated by my lecturer today so I would like to welcome Dr Norasikin to 'Think Smart. Think Positive'. I'm very delighted to have you as one of my readers. This blog is a medium of knowledge sharing from various fields without specifically stick to any genre. It's one of my ways to educate and share something beneficial with readers in less formal way.

 Have you ever watched a movie scene where an aircraft was on the air and there was a gunshot between the bad guy and the good guy? And to make it more dramatic, the gunshot caused the window of the aircraft to smash and what happen next is every passenger in the plane was being sucked out from it and the plane finally crashed. OK I'm not interested on how the bad guys managed to sneak or smuggle the gun into the plane but I would like to focus on why the passengers were sucked out of the plane? Why must they be sucked out instead of the wind blowing into the plane just like whenever we open the window when we drive a car?

 The air becomes less dense and colder as the altitude increases. You probably know this as we can see snows on top of the mountain and the temperature outside of the aircraft is extremely cold when we are on flight.

Less collision will occur between air molecules as the result of these. As the collision between air molecules decreased, the atmospheric pressure also decreased To simplify this, atmospheric pressure inside of the aircraft is higher than the air pressure outside of the aircraft. Hence the air will move from the higher pressure region to lower pressure region so we will see everything inside the aircraft will be sucked out of the plane.

WellI think that's enough for now. At least from now on, if you find a movie where the wind blows heavily when the aircraft windows smashed, you know that was a mistake in movie production.

Until next time. Assalamualaikum..;)

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